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Reverend Father Yonssef Asaad
On the 24t5 of September our Coptic Orthodox Church celebrates the departure of Rev. Fr. YOuSSeC Asaad. S.c was born of two righteous parents. His father’s name was Asaad and his mother’s name was Rachel. After the lord granted them two daughters they prayed to God to give them a son. After seven years of prayer, Saint Mary appeared to his mother earr’ing a child and giving it to her, telling her to call him ‘Youssef’. Indeed on the 16 of September 1944 this blessed. child was born.
i-Ic grew in spirituality and was full of the divine gifts from a young age. When he was [6 years old he started serving and grew up in it. He then enrolled in the Faculty of Agriculture and he moved from Banha to Cairo where he met Rev. Fr Mikhail Ibrahim, Marcos Dawood and Salib Sourial. He absorbed from the active fiery spirit of these bessed priests who are well known for their great service for the Church. As for Yousselç he graduated with a Distinction average and the government wanted to send him to Italy to extend his studies, but he desired the monastic life. However, the sudden departure of his father forced him to stay with his mother and three sisters.
The Lord arranged for Hi-i. Pope Kyrillosto asic him to serve as a priest. Thus, in choosing his wife, Yossef, his mother and his confession father prayed that God guide him to the suitable person. God answered him through a dream by his mother. When he met his confession father, he suggested the same lady seen by his mother in the dream, so he knew that she was from God.
1-Ifs ordination was by H.G. Anha Doniadious and he was ordained on Saint Mary’s Church in Ornraniyah on the 2e of November 1967. At the time, the church was just a brick floor, but through his prayers, wisdom and service, it became an acclaimed architectural masterpiece. In literature, he left us about 155 books. in sermons, there are approximately 346 tapes of his teachings.
He departed after a tragic accident on the morning of Friday 24/9/1993. His funeral service was headed by HG. Anba Moussa as a representative of the Pope and attended by three other bishops, 125 priests, many consecrated deaconesses and thousands of members of the congregation who loved him, his service and his angelic voice.
Dear reader; Our beloved Father Youssef Asaad was a great example of the contemporary priest and shows us the val tie of congregational prayer. 1-Ic prayed for his marriage a[ong with his mother and confession father, so the Lord guided him to the suitable person. His mother prayed to God to give her a son, so he gave her a blessed son. Whoever thinks they can reach heaven without a prayerful relationship with the Lord is deceived by the devil. Prayer is the ladder between heaven and earth. The Lord is able to grant us acceptable prayers through the intercessions of the Virgin Saint Mary and the prayers of Fr. YoussefAsaad. Remember me in your prayers.

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